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We've been making durable, modular lighting for the past seven years with the dream of creating the most reliable lights on the market for conditions that no other lights could hold up to. We started by making headlights for skateboards, and our customers showed us so many more ways to use ShredLights that we never thought about. Now we’re thinking bigger than skateboarding; WAY bigger. The revolution of light electric vehicles is changing how we get around cities forever, and we're ready to make it safer.

Of course, it helps if we know what products and features you want us to make. We review customer feedback on a regular basis to keep up with changing demands. If you're interested in contributing to future product development, we'd love to hear more from you (and you'll get a 15% off coupon).


The Problem

Skateboarding in the dark is tough, and dangerous

One dark night in 2013, an idea was given light. Just after leaving the store on his skateboard, Drew fell victim to a monstrous crack in the back alley sending him flying onto the ground and shattering his newly acquired six pack. While lying on the ground checking for damage, a car came from behind and illuminated the small cavern that caused his spill, and he realized the need for headlights on skateboards. So, he assembled a team at San Diego State University and got to work on a functioning prototype.

2013 - 2016

The Solution

Skateboard lights must be built to shred

Shortly after conception, the idea took shape in the Z.I.P. Launchpad at SDSU between classes and on nights and weekends. Utilizing 3D printers, our team rapid-prototyped and tested designs to withstand the abuse of skateboarding. We launched on Kickstarter in 2015 with a goal of $40,000, but it was not reached for a variety of reasons, including an unfinished product and poor market fit within traditional street skateboarding.

2016 - 2018

The First Everyday Users

The High Beams become the #1 Electric Skateboard Lights

Our team now understood that ShredLights were needed most by skateboards used for commuting so riders could be seen by cars. So, we shifted our focus with the launch of the High Beam lights in 2016, and the release of red tail lights in 2017. The combo pack slowly became the go-to lighting option for skateboarders around the world, and we learned a ton about manufacturing and quality control. We saw that electric skateboarders were using our lights the most, and that we had room for improvement based on their needs so we got to work on a new product.

2019 - 2020

Full Versatility

S-LOCK transforms the ways you can use ShredLights

In June 2019, we released the SL-200 lights with a 250% brighter LED and our new S-LOCK quick release attachment mechanism. This design was inspired by the High Beam lights, but refined to be stronger and easier to use. Additionally, the shared slot design on all of the new mounts allowed users to swap lights in seconds. With the release of the sticky mounts and bar mounts, you can now use ShredLights on any skateboard, helmet, backpack, Onewheel, bike, or scooter.

Creating a Sustainable Future

Transportation is responsible for the most greenhouse gas emissions out of any industry. If we want to help decrease that pollution, we need to find alternative ways to get around cities besides driving in cars, especially when commuting alone. At ShredLights, we're passionate about bringing night riding safety options to portable electric vehicles as they come out, and helping people live a car-free life. As a manufacturer, we are always thinking about our carbon footprint and ways to reduce it, such as cutting plastic out of packaging and using recyclable paper materials instead.