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  • Everything you need to install ShredLights on any skateboard.
Flat Mount (2 Pack)Standard Mount (2 Pack)Extended Mount (2 Pack)Angled Mount (2 Pack)
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The greatest lights for your skateboard that just got even better. The perfect start to lighting up your ride experience. Equip the front or rear of any skateboard, longboard, or electric skateboard with the world's best headlights or tail lights designed specifically for skateboarding.


Years of research and development have brought this perfect combination of reliability and ease of use to a set of trucks near you. Now with a 3x bigger battery for up to 150 hours of battery life and 200 lumens of maximum brightness per ShredLight.


This will include everything you need to install ShredLights on the front of any skateboard.



Below is a suggested fitting guide for the skateboard mounts. We say suggested because there are more boards that these mounts are compatible with. Get creative and let us know how you use the mounts!


Front Truck

Standard Mount = All Boards


Rear Truck:

Standard Mounts = Longboards (standard & drop-through)

Angled Mount = Boosted V1, V2, Plus & Stealth

Extended Mount = Evolve GT/GTX/GTR, Boosted Mini, Enertion Raptor 2, Riptide R1

Flat Mount = Standard Longboards, Exway, Mellow, Meepo, Wowgo, Backfire, Ownboard


If you're still not sure, click here for our fitting guide.

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